Passion for Coffee, Compassion for People. 

That has been the driving force of Stormy Monday Coffee Roasters since this dream began over 20 years ago. Our vision was to create a sustainable business model that can support our family, yet be able to help others.

It all started in the late 60's when Joe DeSouza, one of our founders went to visit family in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Joe still remembers the single coffee tree growing in his Grandmothers yard:  "it seemed so large to me at the time", said Joe, "I was probably 4 or 5 yrs old then...She had this beautiful coffee tree growing in the back yard, I still remember seeing the red cherries growing on it and my father pointing them out to me. Looking forward fifty years later and Coffee is still on the forefront of my mind.  I grew up with my mother preparing coffee in a Colador de cafe' (a cotton mesh strainer); she would make coffee that way for many years.  She told me stories of how my grandmother would take them to the market to buy groceries and you can see and smell the coffee being roasted by street vendors."  Steeped in coffee culture at a young age, Joe continues this tradition and wants to leave a legacy for his children and others.

As a husband and wife team, the founders share a passion for people no matter what walk of life they are in.  Many people are going through major struggles in life -- whether it be financial, poor health, social or relational problems. Our vision is to change that, one cup at a time.  Life can be stormy, but there’s always Hope in the midst of storms. We believe that lives can be changed through the power of Love, personified in Jesus Christ.

We partner with resources such as the Salty Rescue Station, A21, International Justice Mission, as well as other organizations that protect, support, and encourage those in need.  A portion of our proceeds goes towards these organizations to help meet the needs of our brothers and sisters in the midst of life's darkest storms.

The Stormy Monday family thanks you for your support of our coffee, company and cause!


Joe & Barb DeSouza
Founders, Stormy Monday Coffee Roasters